Renewable Energy Subsidiaries of Central Puerto Issue Green Bonds for US $ 50 million

September 1, 2020. The subsidiaries of Central Puerto CP Manque and CP Los Olivos issued two Green Bonds yesterday in the Argentine securities market (“the Co-issuance”) for the equivalent of US$ 50 million, destined to finance these renewable energy companies replacing existing indebtedness.

The placement consisted in a dollar-link series (Class 1), integrated in Argentine pesos, for US$ 35 million (ticker BYMA: OMC1) with a maturity of three years, and a series in Argentine pesos (Class 2) with a maturity of one year for the equivalent in argentine pesos of US$ 15 million (ticker BYMA: OMC2).

The companies, whose wind farms are located in the town of Achiras, in the Province of Córdoba, have a combined installed capacity of 80 MW and began operations between December 2019 and March 2020, with an expected generation of  345 GWh per year, which is sold directly to Large Users through long-term Power Purchase Agreements under the Renewable Energy Term Market (MATER) regulatory framework.

This production is the equivalent to the energy needed to supply 88,000 households and is expected to help prevent the emission of 230,000 tons of carbon dioxide, generating a positive impact on the environment. Therefore, the issuance was recognized by Fix Ratings, an affiliate of Fitch Ratings, with the Green Bond rating BV1 as it is aligned with the four main components of the 2018 Green Bond Principles (GBP) of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

Additionally, were included in the Panel of Social, Green and Sustainable Bonds (SVS) at Bolsa y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA), being the first to be included in this Panel since the instruments’ issuance.

“This is an important step in our growth strategy in the renewable energy segment, showing our commitment to serving our customers and at the same time, helping to improve the environment and the diversification Argentina’s power generation matrix”, said Fernando Bonnet, COO of Central Puerto.

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Central Puerto certifies compliance with sanitary protocols in its operations