Our Market

We meet the power supply needs of our customers through a customized service supported by our broad experience.
Power supply through agreements brings us closer to End Users, allowing us to reach optimal solutions under the current regulatory framework.
Our commitment to the environment is achieved through renewable energy sources provided by CP Renovables S.A

Renewable Energy

Electric power generation from renewable energy sources shows our commitment to the environment, providing solutions to current needs.
CP Renovables S.A. was created to support the growth and meet the needs of our customers. With the commitment to generate power from renewable energy sources, we offer solutions to Large Users so that they may meet their supply objectives.

Contact: Renovables@centralpuerto.com

Plus Energy

Aiming at supplying Large Users, we provide “Energía Plus” Service to meet the support needs of the excess demand.
The Wholesale Electric Market allows Large Users of electric power with demands over 300KW (power) to hire “Energía Plus” Service to meet the Excess Demand directly from an authorized Generator or Supply Company.

Contact: Comercial@centralpuerto.com

Choosing Central Puerto for energy and power services allows you to freely agree upon any conditions related to amount, price and term; with a generator of broad experience in the market in a framework of trust, respect and commitment to the customer, which provides customized service during the entire process.