Central Puerto announces the approval of the commercial operation of La Genoveva II Wind Farm (42 MW)

Buenos Aires, September 19 – Central Puerto S.A (“Central Puerto”) (NYSE: CEPU), the largest private sector power generation company in Argentina, as measured by generated power, announced the approval of the Commercial Operation of La Genoveva II wind farm with an installed capacity of 42 MW, starting on September 14, 2019 at 0:00 hs. (the “Commercial Approval”).
The project was developed by Vientos La Genoveva II S.A.U., a fully owned subsidiary of Central Puerto S.A., and will provide energy directly to private sector customers, under long term power purchase agreements (PPAs) regulated by the Term Market from Renewable energy (“MATER), being the second wind farm to generate and sell energy under this regulation.
La Genoveva II wind farm is the fifth renewable energy plant owned by Central Puerto and its subsidiaries, totaling 206 MW. The company also has 180 MW currently under construction, which are expected to start operations during 2019 and 2020.
With the inclusion of La Genoveva II wind farm, the consolidated installed capacity of Central Puerto increases 1%, totaling now 4,139 MW.

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